Wedding 2000

social experiment & exhibition
Uferstudios Berlin (DE)

This projects starts as a response to an open call for an urban survey on female joungsters born in the year 2000 in the Berlin district called Wedding. In the summer 2017 Emilie, Raoul and Mariangela collected impressions of Wedding and attempted to find teens willing to share their thoughts, perceptions and experiences of their neighborhoods. We documented our every move using our smart phones for pictures, directions, notes and voice recordings. Then back in the atelier space we utilized a black and white printer, a paper roll, maps and a permanent marker. A schoolboard was placed outside our Studio where anonymous answers to our questions could be left. Those answers were then documented. At the last stage of the process the diverse documentation material was exhibited in our temporary workplace Studio 64 of Uferstudios Berlin. The exhibition was titled ‘WALK-IN NOTEBOOK’ and contained black and white prints of pictures, altered city maps, crosswords creations, audiofiles of interviews with a few youngsters and field recordings. Along the entire length of the Atelier’s wall, we displayed the daily journal of our activities on paper.
An urban research of places where we hoped to find youngsters and hardly found them, hence an inventory of missed encounters and plenty of new insights on the streets of Wedding in Berlin

Mariangela Tinelli