In your left pocket

20 minutes performance
Exploring the Endotic in collaborative art practice at Agora Berlin (DE)

As part of -Twelve Thirty Minute Solo Shows- the performance ‘In your left pocket’ reflects on the objects that are close to us or with us and that inevitably talk about us. Taking into account what is in our pockets just now or which are our thoughts in this instant. The performance is the selection of things in your pocket collected during the day of the event, from the artists and the galerie visitors, whether a packet of chewing gum, bread crums, a short novel, or the thought of intimacy. Regardless if some appear as randomly and some as placed or choreographed, the performance rule is to dedicate every item an equal amount of time. The catalogue type score is made of things and thoughts of the audience therefore it evokes associations and allows experiences of a short revival, new revelations or ironic allusions.

Each of the twelve artists had a predifined amount of time to install, present and dismount her*his artwork producing a chain of solo shows in the span of an evening. Curated by Lorenzo Sandoval.

Mariangela Tinelli