10 minutes performance
Massia, Massiaru (EE)

This performance is a movement study creating visibility and extention of the motion of breathing of the human body with attention to nuance and detail. It’s the first collaboration with the composer and musician Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson, who plays the new music creation for bass clarinet with electronics.
The performance is a sensual and delicate journey and invites the audience to the contemplation of the natural act of breathing. With an esthetical approach of radical simplicity, silky movements unfold into manifold qualities and long flowing motions whereby the beginning and the end of a phrase are fully merged to a decentralized pattern. Breath just happens and it does in the vicinity of the heart. The choreography morphs relentlessly in an erie atmosphere through vanishing clarifications of shapes and states. The audience is a witness of a process that acts out almost as a phantasmagoric evolution of the phenomena of breathing itself.
The score starts as a wide open field and progresses very slowly, adding layers of musical materials and expressions culminating in the compactness of gestures. 


Mariangela Tinelli