A choreographer’s gaze

20 minutes perfomative intervention in public space
Researching: The Middle Way (Mittelweg) in collaborative art practice at Agora Berlin (DE)

A choreographer’s gaze is a performative intervention that premiered during the exhibition ‘A publication unfolding in space’ curated by the artist Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga. The performer invites the audience to leave the exhibition and take a little walk to a square nearby. Then they’re instructed to stay together as a cluster and to face the same direction with an overview to the square and its passers by, a game of spacial awareness begins. The performer guides the gaze of the audience with a poetic languange describing what is actually taking place. All that happens when one has a chance to stop and pay attention. A dance of the ordinary unfolds in unexpected ways for the conscious viewers.

Mariangela Tinelli